About us

About us

We are a Mapuche family company from the south of Chile, which has been making cosmetics for delicate skin for 8 years and in this way taking care of our environment, including the NEWEN and KIMÜN of our ancestral LAWEN, a great inherited gift that fills our PIUKE .

This knowledge was taught and experienced from childhood by my KUKU and our close family in our rural Quetroleufinos places in the Commune of Pucón in the Araucanía Region.

Every day we specialize to continue delivering the best in our products, learning from more wise people and doing thousands of tests until we achieve the expected result, we love the EMPIRICAL METHOD and EVOLUTION!!! Because this allows us to create new, different, useful, handmade products, with a low carbon footprint, free of toxins, that meet the expectations of our customers and the best of it is that we make this a creative experience in a beautiful and inspiring that we care for and respect a lot because it is a place inherited from our ancestors.


We want to thank each client who prefers us for whatever reason they like, because in this way we generate new jobs, help our environment, raise our self-esteem, give us great support in front of new clients, help us grow and believe in Our dreams.